How To Choose Cushion Pillowcase

Pillowcases protect your pillows from getting dirty and exposed to bacteria at night. They also help cushion your head from aligning too closely with the pillow, which can lead to neck pain or headaches. And we all know how important sleep is for our mental health and well-being!

When picking a pillowcase, consider what will work best for your pillow type.

Your pillows could be rectangular-, square- or round-shaped, or made out of different materials – microfiber, feather, down, and so on.

For example, if you sleep with a rectangular down pillow, a square/rectangular pillowcase would help distribute weight evenly so that your neck doesn’t get stiff.

If you sleep with a microfiber pillow, a round-shaped pillowcase will help distribute the weight evenly and make it more comfortable to sleep.

For people who don’t want to deal with making their pillowcases, they should consider getting ready-made pillowcases from their local thrift store. These are usually inexpensive and easy to wash and dry in your machine or by hand.

Advantages of Cushion Pillowcase

The main advantage of cushion pillowcases is that they make your pillow look fashionable! They are usually made from cotton and polyester, some of the most common materials for fabric softeners. It also protects your pillows, mainly when using a zippered case. But this does not mean that it completely prevents molding and mildew smell.

Another plus point of cushion pillowcases is that they have deep pockets. This is beneficial because the pillows do not droop into another case when you put them on top. It also makes removing the pillow from the case a lot easier.

Disadvantages of Cushion Pillowcase

The main disadvantage of cushion pillowcases is that you cannot wash them using your machine. This needs extra care because you must hand-wash or soak it in a tub before putting it in the washing machine. There is also the chance of clothes and dyes bleeding into your case.

Tips for picking a pillowcase

When buying a cushion pillowcase, ensure that it has enough space to fit your pillows easily.

If you have a microfiber pillow and are looking for an egg-shaped cushion case, cover it in one of these shapes. Also, check the gauge on the fabric you’re buying because smaller gauges can lead to sagging and wrinkling over time.

When choosing a pillowcase, consider the type of fabric you need most.

A cotton pillowcase is the best choice because they are usually soft, light, and breathable. They also keep your pillows clean as they are easy to wash or dry.

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